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Top questions to ask a tax preparer

So here we are, 2017. A new year and a fresh start. There is just one little thing we need to remember about 2016: how much money we made (or lost) and to let Uncle Sam know about it. That’s right — tax returns.

If you currently have a tax professional helping you – that’s great. If you need to find one, be sure you ask them questions and understand exactly what their service provides for you. For example, there is a difference between a tax preparer and a CPA who does tax returns.
Forbes recently listed the top 12 questions to ask a tax preparer:
  1. Do you have a PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number)?
  2. What is your tax background?
  3. Have you prepared a (fill in the blank) tax return before?
  4. Do you know the requirements of the state and locality where I am required to file?
  5. What records and other documentation will you need from me?
  6. How do you determine your fee?
  7. What about the extras?
  8. Can I file electronically?
  9. Who will sign my return?
  10. When will I receive a copy of my return?
  11. How do I find you if I have a question once tax season is over?
  12. What happens if I get audited?

For more information, contact Marge Cirillo, Florida Small Business Development Council consultant for St. Johns County, at or (904) 209-1295.

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