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Beachwalk with Crystal Lagoon breaks ground


Actual photographs of the unique new community featuring a Crystal Lagoon are one step closer to reality, with the Beachwalk groundbreaking held March 23. The community is located on the north side of County Road 210 between Interstate 95 and US Highway 1 and is part of Twin Creeks, which also encompasses Creekside and Beacon Lake on the southern side of County Road 210.

According to Uri Man, CEO of Crystal Lagoon US Corp., this lagoon is one of 15 current projects in the U.S. He said that at 14 acres, it is the largest to date in Florida and the size of 50 Olympic swimming pools. The company has been building its signature lagoons world wide for 20 years.
“The vibrant beachfront lifestyle provided by our lagoons is a new standard in masterplan development,” Man said.

Man said maintenance costs of his company’s lagoons are very low and a lagoon will consume less water than the average park or golf course. A Crystal Lagoon operates on a closed circuit, and only needs to compensate for water loss caused by evaporation. Its technology can use seawater, freshwater or brackish water, depending on availability.

He pointed to the ultrasonic filtration which permits the lagoon to stay clean with very little use of chemicals as well as a proprietary system which keeps debris out. He said that even though this location in St. Johns County is close to the real beach, a Crystal Lagoon still has many advantages.

“First of all, it’s a controlled environment,” Man said. “It’s safe for children with no worries of ocean currents or sea life. It’s also ADA compliant.”

Developer John Kinsey, president of Twin Creeks Development Associates, is a believer.

“We are doing something totally different and unique in St. Johns County. Beachwalk will be designed like a high-end Caribbean resort. There will be no place else like it in this area.”

The Crystal Lagoon, which is now in the process of being excavated, will be surrounded by white sand beaches and 175,000 square foot of retail, including waterfront dining. Also planned is a private beach club with a fitness center and an 18 hole miniature golf course.

“My personal favorite addition will be the Laguna Dog, a splash park for dogs,” Kinsey said.

Kinsey recognized that it is difficult for the community to see all the progress happening on the Crystal Lagoon now, but pointed out that will change when the northern two lanes of County Road 210, currently under construction in front of Beachwalk, are opened with a higher grade. Also, power lines in the area are being put underground.

Man said that the Crystal Lagoon will be completely excavated and prepared and ready for filling with water in July. This in on schedule with the typical Crystal Lagoon construction time of about six months. It will take another few weeks to settle and clarify the water.

Kinsey anticipated the first homes, with prices starting in the $300s, to be available this fall, as they will start delivering lots to builders in June. Spring 2018 is the anticipated opening of the retail portion of the development, which Kinsey said will coincide with the widening of County Road 210 in front of the property.

At buildout, Beachwalk will include approximately 900 homes. On the south side of County Road 210, Creekside at Twin Creeks, containing 591 homesites and Beacon Lake, with approximately 1,500 homesites, will complete the Twin Creeks development.

Photo by Martie Thompson

Crystal Lagoons US Corp. CEO Uri Man stands by the Beachwalk Crystal Lagoon, currently being excavated.


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