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Spotlight on NBC | Meet Michael McCarthy of Edward Jones


Michael McCarthy grew up in the Ft. Lauderdale area and said one of his earliest memories was reading The Wall Street Journal with his grandfather. He said this instilled an interest in saving and investing at an early age; however, when it came time for college, he aspired to be an airline pilot, so he enrolled at Embry Riddle University. Unfortunately, he had a seizure, which derailed those plans, so he went to the University of Central Florida with no real idea of what to study.  While tending bar at the Orlando airport, a fortunate meeting with a vice president from Wells Fargo led McCarthy to give banking a try. Over the years, he worked as a personal banker, a branch manager and an area manager of multiple branch locations for Fifth Third Bank and Suntrust and moved with his wife and young family to Sarasota and Destin before ending up in Jacksonville. In 2017, a friend encouraged him to work for Edward Jones and, recalling his time spent discussing investing with his grandfather, he left the bank and started his new career helping people with their finances.

Q: What is your company’s edge?
A: At Edward Jones, we are local advisors who look at a person’s full financial picture. We believe in a full collaborative approach and we address education planning, tax planning, insurance, retirement planning and estate planning. 

Q: What was your best business decision?
A: I have had a couple. I would say taking the promotion offered by Fifth Third Bank that moved us to Sarasota is one, because the quality of life was so good there. And also I’d say the move to working for Edward Jones. I enjoy the autonomy and working with people to improve their financial lives.

Q: What is your long term goal?
A: I plan to continue to grow in my career with Edward Jones. To that end, I am in the process of opening my own office on Race Track Road, so I can help more people in the St. Johns area. I plan to continue growing until I become a general partner with Edward Jones.

Q: What would you tell local business owners about the North Business Council?
A: I have met a lot of influential people and I’ve been able to grow my own business as well as help others to grow theirs. I have never seen a group of people as committed to helping each other in business as members of the North Business Council are. It is a tight knit group, like a family. When you walk in the room, everyone is welcoming and likely to say, “How can I help you?”

Photo courtesy Michael McCarthy

Michael McCarthy

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