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Spotlight on North Business Council


Meet Stephen Hudson of Digital Mark Company, LLC

In addition to being the chairman of the North Business Council of the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce, Stephen Hudson is the co-founder and president of Digital Mark Company, a digital marketing agency. Hudson said his company builds websites, performs search engine optimization (SEO) and manages online business listings — basically anything that deals with a company’s online presence. Hudson started Digital Mark in 2016 after a varied career including serving in the military as a data analyst for 20 years, a stint in the corporate world in sales and marketing, and a four-year career teaching sixth grade. He said all of these experiences involved data-driven decisions and led him to forming his own company.

Q: What is your company’s “edge?”
A: Our advantage is we are a small team of highly skilled professionals. Each person has more than a decade of experience and advanced degrees in his or her field. Since all of our team members work on a contract basis, we are able to keep overhead low by only bringing in the expertise that is needed for each client. We have all the abilities of larger agencies without the cost, because we can tailor our experience to each client’s needs.

Q: What was your best business decision?
A: Definitely when I invited my wife, Trudy, to quit the corporate world and join me in this business, because she’s brilliant.

Q: What is your long term goal?
A: We want to establish ourselves as leaders in the industry and become known as advocates for small businesses and nonprofits. We are actively seeking nonprofits to work with, since they have to get the most cost efficient service due to their limited dollars. We are a Christian-based company and proud of that. We want to work with businesses that are trying to make a difference in the world.

Q: What do you think the benefits are of doing business in St. Johns County in general and being a member of the North Business Council in particular?
A: I absolutely would not have been able to grow my company and meet other businesspeople like I have without being a member of the St. Johns County Chamber. It’s given me a way to be involved with the community. I’m probably one of the biggest advocates for the Chamber. The connections I’ve made, both professional and personally, are invaluable. Membership in the North Business Council gives me the ability to build personal relationships that can lead to successful business opportunities.


Photo courtesy Stephen Hudson

Stephen Hudson


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